TYM T224

TYM T224

Series 1, Sub-Compact Tractor

  • Engine power 21.5 hp
  • Hitch lift capacity 1100 lb

Perform the tasks of a full-size tractor, while enjoying the maneuverability of a riding mower. The T224 is the essential TYM Series 1 tractor, serving as an indispensable groundskeeper for every property owner.


TYM T224 Overview:

Designed to be nimble and functional, this TYM Series 1 tractor allows greater maneuverability and promotes effortless operations for novice and experienced tractor riders alike. Hydrostatic steering controls and throttle levers help control tractor direction and engine speed, while a dedicated PTO lever can be used to control implement direction and speed. Affordably priced, this tractor offers owners the potential for great lifetime value, performing reliably for nearly any task in and around private property.

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