TYM T1104

TYM T1104

Series 5, Utility Tractor

  • Engine power 111 hp
  • Hitch lift capacity 6860 lb

Take utilization to the next level with one of the largest TYM tractors. The T1104 is equipped to to tackle the toughest of jobs with maximized productivity.qq


TYM T754 Overview:

As one of the largest in the TYM range, this Series 5 tractor is built to perform under the toughest taskmaster. Leverage heavy-duty capabilities and functional engineering, from the efficient engine and robust hydraulics to the deluxe operator cabin and rugged exteriors.

With powerful lift capabilities and an external lever to adjust the rear hitch, this tractor is ideal for applications that require multiple implements. The hitch linkage allows implements to be connected easily, swapped out, and positioned accurately from outside the operator cabin. Capable of handling implements of varying sizes and weights, this tractor embodies utility for every application.


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