Solomix 2 – VLL-C Feed Mixer

Solomix 2 – VLL-C Feed Mixer

Capacity – 710-1000cu.ft.
Discharge type – Front Discharge
Model – Trailed
Strawblower – No
The improved Solomix 2 VLL ‘New Edition’ even better meet farmers’ needs. Last year Trioliet introduced the New Edition version with 430 to 715 cu.ft. capacity. From now the mixer feeder is also available with 710 to 1000 cu.ft. capacity. With these large TMR mixers we have completed the Solomix VLL New Edition range. The Solomix 2 2800 VLL mixer wagon is equipped with two ‘Long Life’ augers made of 22 mm thick steel (optional for 1200 to 2400 models). That ensures a long lifespan of the augers as well as the feed mixer in general. In addition, the mixing tub is redesigned so that the feed is mixed according to the “Dual Flow” principle; both horizontally and vertically.
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  • Unique two auger drive system
  • 2 Twin Stream augers (2000L-2400) or Long Life augers for quick mixing and superior discharge
  • Adjustable open and low drawbar with clevis
  • Constant velocity PTO shaft
  • 1000 RPM reduction gearbox with cooling system (2800)
  • Two manual operated restrictor blades (reversible)
  • Tub, auger(s), chassis and wear ring out of St. 52
  • Hydraulic brake system
  • Two large wheels
  • Hand jack
  • Two Heavy Duty planetary drives
  • Remote control by bowden cable operation
  • Trioform auger knives short
  • Dual flow: improved shape of the mixing tub and offset inserts
  • Large discharge door with rounded edges for better discharge
  • Wide discharge unit with curved chain conveyor, for discharge at both sides, right and left
  • New stairs with platform and windows. In height adjustable arm for weighing indicator and guidance of hydraulic hoses with storage possibility
  • 2 Windows in discharge unit


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