Lane Shark LS-4

Lane Shark LS-4

  • Hydraulic implement flow rate 8.5gpm to 14.9gpm – Standard motor
  • Hydraulic implement flow rate 15gpm to 20gpm – High capacity motor (Special Order Only)
  • Hydraulic rear remotes* or third function. ONLY Pressure comes from the remote, and return must be to the sump. (CANNOT RETURN THROUGH AUXILIARY HYDRAULICS)
  • We do not recommend rear remote plumbing as some tractors may lose loader priority
  • Minimum dry tractor weight of 3000 lbs
  • Minimum tractor width of 55 inches
  • Certified roll over protection system
  • For stabilization while operating the Lane Shark, fill rear tires of your tractor with water for use as a ballast, as well as additional weight on rear. ie: box blade, or rotary cutter.
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  • The Lane Shark LS4 is a light duty rotary cutter designed to clear overgrown roadways, for light land management, and property maintenance.
  • Easily cuts up to 2-3” diameter limbs, brush, saplings, and underbrush. The LS4 has a wide range of cutting positions that allow it to cut vertically, offset, directly in front (level), or 25°, 35°, & 45° in the vertical and offset positions
  • The Lane Shark LS4 attaches to the front of any FEL tractor with a SSQA or JD Hook & Pin-Style attachment system. There are adapters available to fit most other applications sold separately.
  • The Lane Shark LS4 weighs just under 450 lbs.
  • When purchasing the Lane Shark brush cutter, you will receive a unit equipped with #10 ORB (O-ring Boss) inlets. When using ORB, a minimum inside diameter of 1/2” is required.

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