BL100S Front-End Loader

BL100S Front-End Loader

Enhance the functionality of your TYM sub-compact tractor with the BL100S front-end loader. With impressive lift capacity and height, this TYM front-end loader can help you lift, move and handle material more effectively.

Lift height – 88.3 in. / 2243 mm
Lift capacity – 1314 lb / 596 kgf
Bucket capacity – 5.3 cu. ft / 0.15 cu. m


Engineered to deliver impressive performance with its enhanced features, the BL100S front-end loader takes advantage of the power and capabilities of its compatible sub-compact tractor. With impressive dig depth and maximum rollback angle, you can handle materials more securely. Perform intense tasks without losing stability with BL100S’s impressive lift capacity and breakout force. Built with self-leveling features, the BL100S front-end loader can help you focus on the work and improve your productivity.


Lift height 88.3 in. (2243 mm)
Max. lift height under level bucket 83.1 in. (2112 mm)
Clearance with bucket dumped 68.9 in. (1751 mm)
Reach at maximum lift height 15.5 in. (393 mm)
Max. dump angle 43°
Reach with bucket on ground 58.3 in. (1481 mm)
Max. rollback angle 38°
Digging depth 4.2 in. (106 mm)
Lift capacity 1314 lb (596 kgf)
Breakout force at ground level, pivot points 1960 lb (889 kgf)
Bucket rollback force at ground line 1541 lb (699 kgf)
Bucket capacity 5.3 cu. ft (0.15 cu. m)
Self leveling NA
Relief valve setting (Loader control valve) 2276 psi (160 kg/sq. cm)


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