Solomix 3 Feed Mixer

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  • Capacity – 1285-1650 cu.ft.
    Discharge type – Front Discharge
    Model – Trailed
    Strawblower – No
    The Solomix 3 VLX is a heavy-duty mixer wagon, featuring a wider discharge unit and three vertical augers.This trailed TMR mixer is particularly well-suited to dairy farms that wish to process large quantities of feed in a short space of time.The machine is available in volumes ranging from 1,285 – 1,650 cu.ft. Whether processing small or large quantities, feed is mixed quickly to produce a mix of uniform structure.
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  • Capacity – 1285-1860 cu.ft.
    Discharge type – Side Door
    Model – Trailed
    Strawblower – Option
    The renewed Solomix 3 ZKX is a feed mixer with three vertical mixing augers and two side discharge slides (front left and right). The machine is available in volumes from 1,285 to 1,860 cu.ft. Its characteristic features, such as a specially shaped mixing chamber, made-to-measure augers, an adjusted auger speed and exceptionally high quality, ensure reliability, healthy cattle and savings in terms of time and costs.
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